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Still Using Outdated Surveillance? It’s time to Transform with AI.

The age of AI has arrived! Relying solely on traditional systems is no longer an option. Passive technology often requires manual monitoring and analysis and can result in delayed response times and increased chances of human error.

Welcome to the era of AI-powered Internet of Things (AIoT) video surveillance solutions that leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence to analyze video data in real-time, and IoT to enable proactive threat detection, automatic alert generation, and efficient incident response.

See Beyond Passive Surveillance with
Zygal’s Future-Ready Solutions

Traditional surveillance offers just the option of investigation after critical incidents have already transpired. That’s why it’s time to upgrade with the power of a unified ecosystem that always works for you.

Zygal’s scalable and secure solutions bring smart cameras, access control, integrations, and sensors connected together through a single cloud platform. Now, owners can manage devices,  gather data and stay ahead with response management, analytics and visualization anytime, anywhere within an all-in-one solution.

All Solutions Under One Roof

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Video Solution

The Zygal cloud video management system is a simple, scalable, and cost-effective solution for all industries, regardless of size. View video feeds from multiple locations using a single, user-friendly centralized interface while granting access to various users. In addition, the cloud solution connects to your existing security systems, eliminating the need for additional on-site IT infrastructure.
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Incident Management

The powerful, robust IMS system delivers a real-time view of your infrastructure and assets. The cloud-based platform uses artificial intelligence to watch, comprehend, evaluate, and filter all circumstances, transforming them into incidents and sending notifications to avoid odd behaviours.
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Robotic Process

RPA automates tedious tasks that are often done manually. Businesses that adopt RPA may not only complete the same tasks faster and more accurately, but they may also experience a rise in productivity and a drop in operating expenses. The Zygal RPA structure identifies opportunities to deploy and manage an end-to-end automated workforce based on your current automation levels.
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Cloud Access

The cloud access control system is built with a scalable architecture to secure anything from a single door to a multi-site enterprise. The HRMS and Active Directory are fully integrated into the system. The secure cloud-based software enables remote management, automatic system updates, and real-time activity alerts.
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AI Solution

The AI-integrated framework offers accurate analytics based on the massive quantities of video feeds captured from all the installed security cameras and devices on-site, identifying objects, people, and behavior patterns to acquire real-time actionable insights. Scalability and workflow automation is made possible by the extra layer of intelligence.

Meet the Architects of AIoT Cloud Surveillance

Leading the IoT Revolution with AI-Powered Security Solutions

Who we are

With a decade of product development and manufacturing expertise, innovation is our compass at Zygal. From the outset, we recognised the constraints of conventional cameras in securing premises. Our relentless drive to develop an unparalleled security and surveillance ecosystem has propelled us to the forefront of AIoT innovation.

What we do

Today, we’re reshaping the landscape of Internet of Things (IoT) video surveillance through cutting-edge AI technology. We’re forging a more intelligent, insight-led, and intuitive future for security and management.

Establishing ourselves as a trusted partner, we have served industry giants in critical sectors like BFSI, retail, logistics, and supply, spanning over 25,000 locations nationwide. Currently, our cloud-based AIoT ecosystem oversees a vast network of over 3.5 million connected devices, managing over 1.2 billion alerts with the capacity to meet ever-evolving security and surveillance demands.

One of India’s Largest e-Surveillance Solution Providers
3.5+ Million Connected Devices
1.2+ Bn Alerts Monitored via Zygal RPA Solution
4,000+ Pincode Field Support

Upgrade to a Smarter, More Secure & Intelligent
Surveillance Solution

Cost Efficient

No additional IT infrastructure is required, which results in reduced CAPEX & OPEX costs.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrates with all third-party devices & networks from all brands at no extra cost.

Real Time Alerts

Real-time alerts enhance security, enabling better decision-making.


Add devices and sites as your business expands without interfering with the user experience.

AI Powered

AI to identify, evaluate, and interpret activities in real time.


End-to-end encrypted to meet a wide range of demanding requirements.


Monitor and optimize defined SOPs with minimal human intervention and 100% accuracy.


Create a hybrid ecosystem by migrating on premise data storage to the cloud.


Banking / ATM

Manage the physical and asset security of all bank branches and ATMs with a single, cloud-based platform powered by AI.


Use AI-enabled cloud platform capabilities to gain real-time insights from vehicle tracking, fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, and driver behaviour.

Financial Institutions

Improve operational efficiency, manage valuable assets, increase customer interaction, and reduce risk with the end-to-end secured cloud-based platform.


Monitor all store and shopper activities with centralized management across all sites on a single cloud-managed AI-powered platform.


Streamline warehouse security and operations across multiple locations with a single consolidated view to track intrusion and manage vault access.


Monitor staff absence, receive intrusion alerts, and check the health of all connected devices across all sites to increase customer safety and security.

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